Terms & Conditions For Home Tutors

*We require well-qualified and professional home tutors for private tuition who can travel to teach in Karachi and Lahore. Interested tutors should be willing to work in a professional environment under guidelines provided by the academy. Interested tutors may fill the online form and apply, or DIAL +92-313-2287896 for more details. Home tutors should also send a recent passport sized photograph, scanned copy of CNIC (national identity card) and CV at info@aabshartutors.com  


Read Our Terms And Conditions Carefully Before Filling Out The Registration Form

1. We charge Rs 1000/= as registration fees which must be paid before any tuition are referred to the tutor. Registration fees can be paid via EasyPaisa, MobiCash, bank account or by personally visiting our head office in Karachi. Registration fees is *non-refundable.
*Tutors who are not referred a SINGLE tuition within 30 days can ask for a refund (of registration fee). Although in the case of even ONE desired tuition being referred to the tutor, the registration fees becomes non-refundable. We normally ask for the time period of 30 days, but tutors with good background usually get tuitions within a week or two, depending on how many areas they can cover and how fast their response is. 

2 (a) . We charge 50% as commission of first month only on every home tuition provided by the Tutor Agency.
2 (b) . We charge 35% as commission on lumpsum/short term (1 month or less) home tuitions.  

3. We OFFER 30% of commission received (of 1st month) to the tutor if he/she refers any tuition to the Tutor Agency. Please note that no other academy offers a thank you, let alone commission to their tutors on any tuition they refer to the academy but we believe in providing healthy incentives to our tutors, which excels their performance to a great extent. 

Please Note: Commission will only be paid to the tutor after the completion of the first month. Contact our staff to find out more.

4. Fees of first month (only) of all home tuitions provided by the Tutor Agency will be collected by Tutor Agency’s collection officer in advance from the parents/student and will be released to the tutor on the 15th day, counting from the joining date, i.e., at mid of the month. Tutor will collect all remaining fees amounts from second month on wards directly from the parents/student at the middle of the month.
Please Note: Tutoring Agency holds the authority to delay the payment to the tutor if tutor is not punctual or making excuses after skipping classes. In short, tutors who are not punctual or show irresponsible attitude will receive fees at the end of every month. In such cases, students/parents are instructed by the Tutor Agency to release all remaining fees at the end of every month. 

5. Home tutors are advised to provide parents/student with a copy of their CNIC (national identity card) for security reasons.

6. Do not register yourself if you cannot teach. (most important point)

7. Rules and guidelines/commission system for tutors are subject to change. Tutors will be informed via SMS about any changes in guidelines.

8. We inform the concerned teachers / tutors for any teaching vacancy via sms/call. The tutor receives the subject,class,number of students and main location name via SMS. If the tutor finds the inquiry suitable, he/she can reply with the REFERENCE # of the tuition which will be mentioned in the sms, and the Tutor Agency will send complete contact details such as name of student/parent, contact number and basic address of the student to the tutor. Once this information is received, the home tutor is expected to immediately make contact with the student/parent(s) and arrange a meeting.

9. Home Tutors are advised not to pass on any information regarding tuition / teaching vacancy or any other information to any third party. Only Aabshartutors.com can refer a tuition. Any tutor, if found passing confidential information to any third party, will be immediately fired without any refund and no more tuitions will be provided to him/her in the future. Aabshartutors.com also holds the right to take further legal action if the leaked information is of sensitive nature. We remain in touch with law enforcement authorities due to the sensitive nature of our work.

10. We expect the teacher / tutor not to provide any misleading information/documents to Aabshartutors.com.

11. Aabshartutors.com can immediately take action against those applicants whom it believes, in its sole discretion, are not fulfilling (any of) the rules and regulations of the academy.

12. After receiving your data, we will assess the information given by you, and will conduct an interview (either in person or over the phone) of those applicants who fulfill the our requirements.

13. Tutor is bound to keep Aabshartutors.com updated on the progress of the tuitions, specially those tuitions that are still in process. A quick response by the tutor before finalizing the deal will be highly appreciated. In the case of no or late reply the registration can be cancelled.
Please Note: Maximum time limit for feedback is 24 hours. If there is no feedback from a tutor after 24 hours, Instanteducator.com holds the right to fire the tutor without any refund, refer another tutor on the tuition in question or simply hold back further tuitions from the tutor in question till a certain period of time. 

14.  Aabshartutors.com refers tuitions to its teachers according to its own preferences. No tutor holds the right to demand a certain tuition if Aabshartutors.com does not feel that the tutor fulfills all requirements of the student/parent(s). 

15. Please note that Aabshartutors.com is ONLY responsible for referring suitable and desired tuitions to the tutors. Passing the demo class, finalization of the tuition, etc is tutor’s responsibility. Our slogan is: We refer you the tuition, you finalize it for us.

16. If a tutor fails in a demo class, then the tutor will be held responsible and tutor’s performance will go down in the Bad Feedback book of the Tutor Agency. In case a tutor fails continuously in more than two demo classes, Aabshartutors.com holds the authority to fire the tutor and no refunds will be made in this case. For more clarity, read point # 6 again

17.  Aabshartutors.com keeps strong check on its tutors and any ‘mischief’ by any tutor will be taken very seriously and strict action will be taken. In case of any fraud by the tutor,Aabshartutors.com will refer the matter to its lawyers and a police case may be filed against the fraudster. We also make it a point to approach the employers of the fraudster (in case he is working somewhere else too) to inform them why their employee is a security threat, and a personal call/visit is made by our team to the residence of the fraudster to inform his family/parents of his deeds. Home tutors are strongly advised to make honesty their priority when dealing with the  Aabshartutors.com since the consequences of any fraud are dire according to Pakistani law. The profession of a teacher is very honorable and we would NEVER want our tutors to engage in any behavior/act that would paint our name and reputation in bad light. 

18. Home Tutors registered with Aabshartutors.com are not allowed to beat or hit the student in any way. Aabshartutors.com does not tolerate or endorse any physical violence in any form and our tutors are strongly advised not to beat or hit the student in any form. In case of any misbehavior or complaint from the student, tutors are advised to register their complaint with the parents as well as with Aabshartutors.com. In case of violation of these instructions, parents hold the right to take the tutor to the court if they deem necessary. In such a case, Aabshartutors.com will not be responsible for any unintended consequences or loss to anyone, either to the tutor or the party. Moreover, Aabshartutors.com will hold the right to take its own action against the tutor, which can be in the form of permanent cancellation of tutor’s registration.

19. Aabshartutors.com recommends all its home tutors to provide parents of the student with weekly and monthly report of the student’s progress and performance. 

20. Applying for Tutor Registration confirms that you accept all terms & conditions.