FAQs For Home Tutors

How can I get registered?
Step 1: Fill our online form, read all terms and conditions and submit necessary documents via e-mail.
Step 2: Wait for the confirmation text message from 0313-2287896
Step 3: Deposit registration charges.
Step 4: Wait for the referral.

What is the registration fee and how can I deposit registration fee?
Registration fee for home tutors is Rs 1000. You can deposit registration fee by following means:
Easy Paisa/JazzCash account: 0313-2287896

This is the cell number that you will provide to the merchant: 0313-2287896.

Don’t forget to make a confirmation call on 0313-2287896 after depositing the amount with the merchant.
Western Union: Please check the procedure for the transaction in your country/city from the Western Union website.

OR visit our office with registration fee and necessary documents:
Address: Near Urdu University, Gulshan Iqbal. (Ask for full address on call)

Where do I submit my documents?
You will need to submit some necessary documents before any inquiry is referred to you. These documents include:
1. Scanned copy of your CNIC/identity card (both sides) / Passport in case you are a foreign citizen.
2. Scanned copies of your academic documents.
3. Two recent but different photographs.
4. C.V.
You can submit your documents at info@aabshartutors.com 

Our team will review your form and documents and if you are selected you will receive a confirmation text message on the number you have provided in the form.

OR visit our office with registration fee and necessary documents:
 (Ask for full address on call) 

How much commission do I have to pay on every home tuition?
We charge 50% of first month fee only, on all referred home tuitions. This commission rate is fixed and cannot be negotiated.

What if the tuition is of 1 month or less?
If the tuition is of one month or less, 35% is charged of the total amount, instead of 50%.

How long does it take for a referral?
On average it takes about 2 weeks but sometimes it could take a month or just a day. The truth is, nobody knows for sure. But it also depends on some multiple factors such as, how many areas you are able to cover, how many subjects/classes you are able to teach or whether you have submitted complete documents.
We advise home tutors to cover at least two or more areas. For example, Gulshan Iqbal counts as one area, similarly DHA counts as second area and so on. Different blocks of the same area will count as one area. The more subjects you are able to teach, the more opportunities you will get. Unless you are a specialist in a particular subject, we advise our home tutors to cover at least 3 or more subjects.

Is my information in safe hands?
Yes, whatever documents and information you share with Instanteducator.com, they will always remain in safe hands. Candidates are advised to provide correct information as we crosscheck all provided information/documents.

Can I ask for a refund of my registration fee?
Registration fee is non-refundable. However, it is refundable if the Tutor Agency fails to provide any inquiry to the home tutor within 30 days. In this case, home tutor can ask for a refund after 30 days. In case even one inquiry is referred to the home tutor, the registration fee becomes non-refundable.

How much will I get paid?
Fee for home tuitions is decided with the mutual consent of the Tutor Agency and home tutor. Hardworking, professional home tutors earn 40K-100K per month. To be honest, the fee factor depends on the home tutor’s potential and willingness.

When will I get paid?
Fee is collected by the Tutor Agency’s representative from the student/parent in advance and released to the home tutor at mid of the month. In case of any complain from the student/parents, Tutor Agency has the right to delay the fee payment or even not pay the tutor at all. Home tutors are advised to maintain professionalism and make honesty their policy. Make no such commitment with the student that you cannot achieve and always keep the student’s parents posted. In case any class is skipped, compensate it with an extra class or extra time. Home tutors who are professional, punctual and honest never have to face issues with the fee payment.

How will I get paid?
Home tutors are paid via Easy Paisa, Bank or by making a visit to our office.

Can I decide days and timing of my own liking with the student?
Yes, home tutors are free to decide days/week and timing of their own liking with consent of the student. However, school-going students need 5 days per week at the minimum.

Will I be held responsible in case a student fails in his exams?
It depends on your overall performance. If you have given your best input and have kept parents updated on the progress of the student, you won’t be held responsible by the Tutor Agency or parents for that matter. However,if you have not been punctual or failed to honour the commitment you made (such as commitment to cover the course in due time period), then you will be held responsible and Tutor Agency holds the right to suspend the home tutor in this case for an indefinite time period.

Will I bear all traveling expenses?
Yes, home tutors bear all traveling expenses. The distance and traveling factor must always be taken into account when the fee is being negotiated with the parents/student.

I need only one tuition. Do I still have to get registered?
Yes, even if you need only one tuition you still have to follow the full registration process and pay full registration fee.

Can I later switch to online tutoring?
Yes, you can always switch to online tutoring whenever you like by depositing registration fee for online tuition which is Rs 1500. You can also get registered for both home tuition and online tuition at the same time.

From which areas do you get home tuition inquiries the most?
DHA and Clifton are two of the most potential areas for home tutoring in Karachi. Other potential areas are PECHS, Tariq Road, KAECHS, Bahadrabad, Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, FB Area, Maleer Cantt, Gulshan Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Saddar, etc. We get inquiries from all over Karachi but above are the most potential areas. NOTE: We do not cover Lyari, Orangi Town and Manghopir due to security situation in Karachi.

Will I receive commission if I refer any home tuition?
Yes, we offer 30% of the commission received by the Tutoring Agency to the tutor who refers any tuition. This commission is only paid in first month once the month ends. For example, if a tutor refers a tuition which is finalized in Rs 5000/month. So the commission that Tutoring Agency will get will be 50% of Rs 5000 which is Rs 2500. The Tutor Agency will offer 30% of Rs 2500 to the tutor who referred the tuition. Here, 30% of Rs 2500 is Rs 750. Hence, the tutor who referred the tuition received Rs 750.

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