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Students of the age of 14 to 16 years old usually take this exams which is the part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 Stage.

As O-Level system is the most popular system in some international countries and have great value in the eyes of international students, O Level has been specially designed to meet the needs of the international students from all countries including Pakistan. As the number of O Level test takers might be from the countries with English as second language, this test is prepared and designed keeping their English language level in mind in the entire process of examination. Curriculum is also prepared with the addition of local knowledge and local testable materials to make it interesting to read and relevant with different regions.

It first started in 1950 as reforms in educational system of England, Wales and Scotland. It was designed as two step educational level with O-Level as a starting and A level and Advanced Level with more in-depth study for students who wanted to clear their Pre-Graduation. Later in 1988, England, Wales ans Scotland changed O-Levels into Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Curriculum Of O-Level

O-Level prepares and designs the curriculum which is balanced and extends to covers the extensive range of subjects from all around the World. Cambridge designs and develops curriculum with the material that enhance the creative thinking, reasoning skills, General Kowledge and strategy building of the students or O-Level learners so that they can gain maximum practical exposure and theoretical knowledge.  As in Pakistan, O-Level by Cambridge is used as an alternative study system for local government educational systems, many other countries are also using O-Level as alternative to their local educational system. With highest examination standard, Canada, USA and many well reputed educational countries can welcome Cambridge O Level candidates who have passed examination with good numbers and have shown considerable performance.