Group Tuition For Mathematics, Physics in Karachi | Aabshar-e-ilm Coaching Classes and Group Tutoring

Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency is offering fast track group tutoring services in Karachi – under the banner of Ahnaf Group Tuition – for students who cannot afford a home tutor or cannot hire a home teacher due to any reason. Now students can also study at our facility which is located in Gulshan Iqbal, Block 13-C, Karachi City, Pakistan. We cater to maximum six students in a group so each of our student receives individual attention and can ask the teacher questions. Moreover, our group tuition teachers also provide notes to students.

Presently Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency is offering group tuition for following classes:

  • Class 9 and Matric (All subjects + Bio, Comp)
  • Intermediate (All subjects of Commerce, Science, Pre-medical, Arts)
  • B.Com (Part I, II) (All subjecs)
  • O/A-Level (all major subjects) 

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Please note that we are always adding more classes/subjects to our shelf so who knows, maybe next time you visit us we will be offering a unique international course at our group tuition facility. Make sure to keep inquiring by calling us at one of our numbers mentioned below.


Ahnaf Group Tuition Karachi  – A project of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency. 



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